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Miguel Blesa

The former president of Caja Madrid Miguel Blesa, in a picture of 2012 EFE

Caja Madrid, when headed by Miguel Blesa, granted two loans totaling 6.7 million euros to one of the main defendants in the Gürtel plot, the former vice president of Repsol Ramón Blanco Balín, so that he could take away one of the main contracts that the Francisco Correa network rigged in Boadilla del Monte, municipality of Madrid and one of the epicenters of the plot. The two loans, of 5.9 million and 800,000 euros, were granted in June and August 2008 . Blesa left Caja Madrid in January 2010. He is accused of misappropriation.

The business was round for Blanco Balín and the plot of Correa. The City Council of Boadilla, then governed by Arturo González Panero (another of the accused), took out the “surface right” contest of three plots in the best area of ​​Boadilla, where they were going to build commercial premises and parking spaces. In total, 33 stores and 178 garages on Avenida Siglo XXI, where it passes by light rail. The award was made by Rústicas MBS SL in October 2005, a company of Blanco Lalín, which in 2007 transferred the concession to another firm of Blanco Lalín, Artas Consultoría.

Artas Consultoria would manage the 33 premises and the 178 garages for 99 years . And in exchange only pay the Boadilla City Council an annual fee of 81,344 euros , a fee that had been reduced because it was initially set at 320,000 euros. “Everything a bargain”, then denounced PSOE and Alternativa by Boadilla, since how much could Blanco Balín get if he rented the space at his disposal?


A report by the National Police, sent to the National Court on January 30, 2009, and to which 20 Minutes had access, put exactly as an example of the businesses rigged by Correa the award of Rustics : “The way the organization acts is to obtain an urban-type award from a Public Administration, look for a company capable of carrying it out, offer the business in exchange for the collection of a commission and endorse it in the respective contest, which is previously arranged. “

Blanco Lalín, “a very high potential”

The risk operation report, which Caja Madrid issued to analyze the request from Artas Consultora , reflects that “Artas requested us in June of this year [it refers to 2008] a loan of 5.9 million to finance the construction works of 33 premises and 106 places “(although the award was 178 places). That first loan was granted by the financial committee, to 15 years . With the operation now being analyzed, a second loan of 800,000 euros, “what is requested is the VAT financing of the construction works”.

Blanco Lalín was to earn 1.3 million a year with the Boadilla business The Caja Madrid report endorses the second loan, since “the main compensation for the future is the start of operations with the environment of Ramón Blanco , whose potential is very high, and undoubtedly will bring us new business relationships with front-line customers, economically speaking. ” The report also answers the question posed by the opposition of how much Blanco Lalín would get if he rented all the premises and garages: “115,000 euros per month”, which means 1.3 million euros a year (when he only returned to the City Council a canon of 81,000 euros). If those prices had been maintained in the 99 years of concession, the business was 136 million euros.

The police report also reveals Blanco Balín’s role in Correa’s network: “the management and financial intermediation of its corporate structure, design of the money laundering structure “. He is accused of moving more than 50 million euros. Born in Léon, he has a degree in Economics, an auditor and a tax inspector, such as Miguel Blesa and José María Aznar. In fact, Blanco Balín was with the former president of the Government in the writing and editing of the magazine of the Center for Financial Studies between 1983 and 1984. And Aznar and Blesa, were friends.

Boadilla wants to recover the premises

On October 6, 2011, the Municipality of Boadilla, through its Municipal Land and Housing Company, decided to terminate the contract with Artas Consultora. It was the new municipal team after the departure of Panero. “Today only four of the 33 locations are occupied,” Miguel Ángel Ruíz López, councilor for Urban Planning, Infrastructure and Legal Affairs, explains to this newspaper. “The objective is to recover these premises and parking spaces for the municipal patrimony, and we also initiate legal actions to claim the damages and losses produced as well as the unpaid amounts of the corresponding fee.”

The City Council of Boadilla has rescinded the contract The mayor recognizes that the previous City Council rented two of those premises to put a police station and an office of the municipal company of land and housing, but that they will leave shortly and that they do not pay the rent since they came to power at the end of 2011. Although in the framework of the investigation the Court has blocked the assets of Artas and José Ramón Blanco Balín, only about 960,000 euros have yet to be repaid from the loan, according to legal sources.

Blanco Balín has recently accepted the government’s tax amnesty, as the National High Court has informed the judge of the Gürtel case. The entrepreneur came to 504,743 euros .